DESEO Experiences & Test: Effective Potency Drops for Man and Woman? We clear up!

Problems with sexuality are often different in men and women: While men have difficulties in gaining or maintaining an erection, the women lack the desire for sex – according to the manufacturer PharmaFGP GmbH there is a solution for both cases: DESEO. Solution in the truest sense of the word, because it is a homeopathic medicine consisting of two components: the solvent alcohol and an extract from the Damiana plant. Whether you are looking for a prescription drug or a prescription medication, this is the best way to get the best results.

Deseo erfahrung is a non-prescription homeopathic medicine in the form of drops. A related representative in tablet form is, For example, the Neradin, also tested by us, from the same manufacturer. DESEO is designed to help both men and women with sexual weakness and are used for both acute and chronic ailments. In the instruction leaflet (see here ), diseases of the sex organs of man and woman are also mentioned as fields of application.

The main active substance is therefore Turnera diffusa, but the homoeopathic dose in Puncto is more likely to speak of a placebo. The use of the Damiana plant as an aid in erection problems or as an aphrodisiac is controversial and we are only aware of two studies ( here and here ) which are positive in this regard. In addition, a “real dose” (80 mg or 10-40 mg per kilogram of body weight) was used in both studies – the results cannot be transferred 1 to 1 to the 10,000-fold diluted solution of the DESEO drops.

With the indication that DESEO is supposed to help with sexual weakness, the manufacturer expresses itself very generally. If you read on the official website , the advertised DESEO effect in man and woman goes in different directions – and more. There is no expected side-effects and side effects, as this is a homeopathic remedy.
In men, the focus is on erectile ability and sexual endurance. This is on the paper as if DESEO is a kind of natural Viagra – but that is farfetched.

Viagra, like its close relative Cialis, is a PDE5 inhibitor, which has a very strong effect on the vascular system and especially the erection. With this effect, side effects – headache, blocked nose, dizziness – are also common. DESEO is a purely herbal homeopathy preparation, which is therefore mainly based on a placebo effect. This is our view.

In the case of man, therefore, no drastic effect is to be expected, which can compete with prescription medications such as Viagra or Cialis. Anyone who believes in the effect of DESEO may be able to improve their own psyche to a better erection ability.