A mother of a child

Authorized use of medical marijuana can’t come in no time for Sea Levels mother Yvonne Cooper who worries her child that is youthful might die without it.

Ms Cooper is getting popular service on her online request which calls on national and condition authorities to supply access’’ and amnesty towards the medication for kids like Sienna who suffer with serious seizure disorders.

Significantly more than 1650 individuals have to date closed the change.org request she produced after still another traumatic evening viewing her ten-year old kid battle for breathing, on Sunday.

‘’Sienna has been having seizures at 3 years, and her lifetime old was diagnosed a rarer type of epilepsy that will be frequently drug-resistant, with Doose problem,’’ Ms Cooper said.

‘’She’s none, although on a variety of medicines she’s experiencing as much as 100 severe seizures each day and will work.

‘’She stops on Friday evening I’d to do CPR on her behalf while I waited for the ambulance

Paramedics have already been named to her house to Sienna’s college ten occasions currently this season, and several occasions. Companion Daniel Phelps, and Ms Cooper, state they feel hopeless position by.

‘’In the previous 12 weeks professionals are currently informing me that everything – tried however they haven’t and the decrease in her health continues to be quick,’’ Ms Cooper said. Seizures are stopped by ‘’We haven’t had the opportunity to test medical marijuana regardless of the large amount of proof showing it.

Don’t that is ‘’I wish to split regulations, but I don’t wish to hide my ten-year old kid.